Materna Psychological Servises



We can help you overcome life's problems.
Let us be part of your family's total health care.

We treat families and children from 2 years of age and are one of the few psychological practices in the area offering specialized services for preschool children. We can help your child with fears, worries, anger, sleep problems, sadness, withdrawal, behavioral problems, attention and school problems, divorce, blended families after divorce, grief, trauma (including child abuse), peer and social concerns, and developmental delays.

We also specialize in adult and marital therapies to help improve your most important relationships. We treat a range of disorders including depression, anxiety, anger, sleep problems, trauma and abuse victims, loss, grief, work stress, and marital problems/solutions. We also provide a range of services for elderly patients regarding adjustments to loss and family changes occurring with age.

We offer weight loss services including help to overcome "emotional eating". People often recognize that they eat food in response to stress, loss, and rejection. We can help you learn other ways to get your emotional needs met and lose weight in the process.

We can help you with adjusting to pet loss. This is often a more significant loss than people expect. It is not unusual to experience deep grief and even depression when a long time animal companion dies. We can provide counseling to help ease the grieving.

We also provide psychological testing to more accurately and efficiently help you to uncover problem areas for growth and development as well as areas of strength.

We tailor our treatment to meet your unique needs. Dr.s Daniel and Jill Materna are trained at the doctoral level in a variety of therapeutic approaches. Both have extensive training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Family Therapy, Child and Developmental Psychology, Gestalt and Interpersonal Therapies, and Clinical Hypnotherapy. We carefully assess your problems and concerns so we can design interventions specific to your growth and developmental needs.

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