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If you are looking for an alternative to
divorce as usual, you are not alone.

Collaborative Divorce is a new way for you to resolve disputes respectfully -- without going to court-- while working with a team of skilled and compassionate professionals. Each expert in their own fields, the team members help you manage the many aspects of divorce - the legal issues, the emotional turmoil, the concerns for children and the financial and property questions. With such support you'll feel more in control of the process itself, and better equipped to begin a new life afterwards.

Dr. Jill Materna is a collaboratively trained Divorce Coach, Child Specialist, and mediator. She holds memberships in the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals and the Collaborative Professionals of Northwest Pennsylvania.

    A Collaborative Divorce...

  • Helps families stay connected
  • Supports children's well-being
  • Shelters couples from courtroom stress
  • Empowers couples to lead the process
  • Builds solutions everyone can agree on

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To view a 20 minute clip of an actual divorcing couple using the collaborative process click here


An Alternative to a Messy Divorce

By Dr. Jill Materna, divorce coach, child specialist and mediator.